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Deferred Retirement Accounts

      DEFERRED RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS:  IRA’s , 401K’s, 403B’s, 457’s  At 70 ½ You Have To Take RMD – Required Minimum Distribution. As You Get Older Your RMD Will Continue To Go Up. Many People Don’t Want Or Need Their RMD, But You Are Required To Take It Out And Pay Taxes On It. This Results In […]

“Variable Annuities.”

Alan Haft describes a few words on variable annuities. Alan Haft is one of Phil Wassermans partners and is an industry leader when it comes to retirement planning. Variable annuities are sometimes confused with a fixed annuity with a variable rate but don’t let the similar names confuse you. This is an entirely different annuity […]

“Secrets of Income Investing;” written by Alan Haft… Chapter One

Phil Wassermans Partner, Alan Haft, has written another amazing book on income investing. The book called “Secrets to Income Investing” has many educational facts that retirees much know. Chapter one preview: “The Shift Toward Retirement.”   “Even if you aren’t there yet, you can be certain that at some point in your future you will […]

Choosing the Right Stock Type

If you are using software that allows you to buy stocks, or don’t have much contact with a stock broker or retirement planner, then you may not realize there are three main types of stock. Today, many people mistakenly believe that they must either invest directly in companies or opt for mutual funds. In most […]

Don’t Forget To Insure Your Investment

Have you ever hated paying your car insurance bill? Did you wind up in a crash that would have cost you several thousand dollars and you only had to pay less than a thousand to get out of the whole mess? If so, then you may realize the benefits of having insurance. Unfortunately, when people […]

End Your Tax Traumas With Tax-Free Wealth Transfer

Do you curse up a storm each time you get paid, and have to look at those disgusting boxes that reveal 1/3of your salary got deducted for taxes to pay for policies you don’t agree with? Do you spend hours working a job you can’t stand, in conditions that make you sick just so that […]

Phillip Roy Financial Services Long Term Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is for the long-term. Don’t be concerned with short-term bumps in the road. Trust your financial planner to manage any bumps in the road, and never take advice from non-professionals about money. Friends, relatives, and neighbors don’t have years of experience and education to backup their recommendations. Your financial planner has spent a […]

Phillip Roy Financial Services Introduces Comprehensive Financial Planning

To keep your retirement funds safe, you need to have a comprehensive financial plan, which will be there for you when you retire. Your funds need to make money for your retirement, allow you easy access when needed, create wealth and lower your tax consequences. Look toward saving money on fees and taxes, by keeping […]

Phillip Roy Financial Services Announces National Expansion

Phillip Roy Financial Services announces a new national expansion with new offices to be opened in over a dozen locations in the next twelve months. Locations currently being set up include Charlotte, North Carolina, several offices in Southern California, a series of offices in Chicago, Illinois, and offices throughout the Eastern part of the United […]

Phillip Roy Financial Services – Why Invest In Annuities?

Many states offer guarantee funds, which helps them to pay out their claims. Rarely advertised, these funds are similar to FDIC protection annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and health insurance. These state funds offer you a high level of trust in the product, and will help to protect you and your wealth. These annuities […]