“Secrets of Income Investing;” written by Alan Haft… Chapter One

Phil Wassermans Partner, Alan Haft, has written another amazing book on income investing. The book called “Secrets to Income Investing” has many educational facts that retirees much know.

Chapter one preview: “The Shift Toward Retirement.”


“Even if you aren’t there yet, you can be certain that at some point in your future you will “retire.” Maybe, like quite a few people “in retirement,” you might decide to maintain a part time job, not only to earn a few extra dollars but also to keep the mind and body busy as well. Suffice it to say, either you’re there now or one day you will retire and when that time comes, many things in your life will change. The way you eat, the way you play, the things you do… life won’t look the same as it did while you were working. When it comes to investing, many investors’ mindsets unfortunately don’t change as much as they should. In retirement, you are presumably no longer trying to accumulate as much as you used to, rather, many are typically focusing on preserving their money while generating as much reliable and sustainable income from it. The failure to shift an investment portfolio from the “Accumulation Stage” where one merely wants to grow their money to one designed to generate reliable returns leads many people into playing what I call “The Most Dangerous Game.”

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